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Increasing technical requirements, environmental challenges and a shortage of skilled labour are examples of the ever-changing environment. In response, we are investing in innovative means and aim to be ever more efficient.

Our robotic cells

Our robots have been installed to make us more efficient. They automatically perform simple, repetitive handling movements. By automating a previously manual process, we have reduced our cycle times, increased our repeatability and allowed our staff to focus on tasks that require their expertise.

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Respect for the environment is one of our values and we want to participate in the efforts made by the whole company. This is why, via our ERP, we have decided to digitalise our documents (quality reports, orders), in order to drastically reduce printing.

made different

Dumoulin Aero aims to be a "Factory of the Future" and has been participating in the Walloon region's "Made different" programme since 2018. This support progr...amme enables companies in the Belgian manufacturing industry to respond to the new challenges facing the industry. More information on https://madedifferent.be/.

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